A Motivating Guide: Does Homework Really Help?

School homework is reflected as a burden for students who feel that it is a mere waste of time and energy. Their take on homework is that their school homework in most cases eats away a major chunk of their free time that they could otherwise spend on doing fun activities rather than writing homework lessons in a manual and mechanical procedure. Although there is a huge debate on the issue of loading the students with piles of home assignments, here are some reasons why the homework would help students in their learning and exposure towards life and practices relating to professional and academic pursuits:

  1. It helps in better time management wherein students can benefit to learn to use time effectively for completion and planning of their tasks and schedules which may further help in their future endeavors.
  2. It provides better grades to students who stand a chance of failing in their examinations and is an alternative route for them in terms of opportunity to acquire more grades through improvisation in homework submissions.
  3. It helps students to become more responsible towards the achievement of their homework tasks and the level of commitment that they must provide for each goal and task attempted for their pursuits, which may later help them in carrying forward their seriousness towards their end goals in life.

  4. It serves as a great reference material and a revision task for facing the examinations with the advantage of the acquired information collected through the homework task submitted.
  5. While doing the homework the concept of the subject gets clearer for them and they are in a better position to reflect on their answer and get their doubts formed while drafting the homework cleared with the teachers and hence benefits them in learning process.
  6. It is a kind of reinforcement of their learning on the subject and therefore gives their teacher the benefit of assessing their learning in terms of their strengths and weaknesses in grasping the subject taught in class.
  7. It helps them to allot time and concentrate on their study to acquire greater knowledge on the subject and pursue this knowledge gained further in life.
  8. It serves as a practice for their learning on the subject for their term examinations.
  9. They get to learn subjects that have been left out by their teachers while teaching in classrooms and therefore are covered through home assignments.
  10. It gives them confidence to face challenges and achieve their goals in learning and otherwise.


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