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Homework can seem like a daunting task, especially for the student that did not properly prepare themselves during the school day. In order to get better at school and homework assignments, plenty of resources exist for the young mind to build upon their knowledge foundation. In order for a student to develop their individual abilities for school work at their own pace, the internet has become a great exploration tool for the young mind. When searching for free homework help websites, students should look for the following:


Thanks to the technology boom, students no longer have to go downstairs into their parent’s basement, pull out the Britannica Encyclopedia and read through what seem to be boring and trivial historical events. Interactive encyclopedias now exist where students can click on different historical topics, view videos of famous events and learn about facts similar to the topic they are learning.


At the end of a long day of school a lot of children like to unwind with video games. Studies have shown that an active mind that keeps moving has a better chance at cognitive development. In order to help a child learn better, even before the school ages, websites have been developed that have games for math and other subjects. A child can be told to click on four purple balloons or to click on the amount of balloons that equal 6x3. Games like this are an extra incentive toward a student fully understanding their school work by providing them with real life scenarios no matter their background.


Online map websites can be an informative tool for the child that does not have an opportunity to travel as much as someone else. Maps can offer students a visual of the country’s location, capital city, large rivers and bodies of water. When students click on these maps, some of these websites allow the student to learn the map of the country, its population make up, major tourist attractions, etc.


At the end of any good learning exercise for a student is a quiz. Many websites make these quizzes fun and interactive by providing each correct answer with a puzzle piece of the topic they are studying in an attempt to collect them all or with virtual coins that they can use for power ups to purchase new items to advance in future levels.


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