Where to Get Math Homework Answers for Free: 5 Good Ideas

You can find answers to your math homework even if your budget doesn’t allow you to pay for them. This will take a bit of time, but you will be able to get everything you need with a bit of research. Use the following five tips to learn where you should search for this kind information:

  1. Free problem solvers.
  2. There are online apps that can solve any kind of math problem within seconds. You will need to be careful with them, though, as not all of these apps are good. It’s best to find several sites that have good reviews and compare the solutions provided by each. If all of them match, you are in luck and can get on with studying the problem. In many cases, going over the correct solution will teach you how to actually solve this particular kind of problems on your own.

  3. Free tutoring programs.
  4. Many colleges and some websites offer them to students of different ages. Usually, the tutors are students who want to get extra credit. However, sometimes even teachers volunteer for these programs. A tutor will not only help you complete your homework but will also explain the things you have problems with. Therefore, a tutoring session is always a welcome experience, especially if you really struggle with math.

  5. Textbooks with keys.
  6. Many teachers take the problems they assign from various textbooks, and with a bit of search you can find those online. The best thing about this is that they are usually equipped with key. This means that you can simply copy the answers from the book.

    Bear in mind that it’s unlikely that the key will offer a detailed step-by-step solution, so you won’t be able to learn anything by using it.

  7. Study groups.
  8. Make a study group with your classmates or friends. You can even establish one with the students you meet online as you can work together through video conferences. Studying with other people is more fun and can make understanding the material much easier. Even if neither of you is particularly skilled with math, exchanging ideas can help you find the right solution.

  9. Free Q&A services.
  10. These are the websites where you post your question and it gets answered. Depending on the type of the site you choose the reply may be provided by a “professional” or simply by other internet users. The former option may seem better, but bear in mind that you can never be sure that the one who answers you question is really a professional. It’s usually better to ask for help the online community in general.


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