6 Places To Look For Pre-Calculus Homework Answers Online

With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of educational resources available online, homework has never been easier. This is true even for calculus which has traditionally been thought of as difficult. Here are just six of the near infinite places you can look for answers when in need:

Social Media

Most often we think of social media as a tool for entertainment and keeping connected with the people we care about. Those same connections may be able to assist us with answers from time to time.

Math forums

Forums bring people who are strangers together to discuss topics they share interest in. Consider visiting a math forum and asking for help with your questions there. If even one of your questions gets answered you will have learned more than you knew before.

Video Sites

Video sharing sites are mostly known for their music video access but you can also find years worth of educational content on them. Look specifically for videos on pre calculus. They may not necessarily provide you with answers (although some of them might) but by showing you the way to do the exercises they may make you better able to find answers on your own.

Book download sites

Many websites allow people to view or download books in their entirety. These include text books. While you may be comfortable with one book if there are others with better explanations that use your homework questions for worked examples, you should try them out.

Academic databases

These are often useful to people who are completing essays or other subjects that require large amounts of writing but occasionally you may come across a mathematical paper that dives into the nature of the subject in such a way that you finally understand it deeply afterward. It is worth your while to investigate just for the chance at that.

Homework help sites

These are probably the most obvious choice. Some sites will provide a tutoring service for a fee. This means a professional will help you understand your questions. Others will take your questions and deliver you answers with very little input from you if any. The second method can lead you down a slippery slope where you get gradually worse at the subject.

These six sources should be sufficient if all you need is a little help from time to time. Remember that if you have constant difficulty, you should take your questions to your teacher.


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