Searching For Reliable Social Studies Homework Answers

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to know exactly where and how you’re going wrong (or going right!). The most obvious way of doing this is checking your work as you do exercise, making sure that the results you’re getting are correct and, if they are not, why not. Mostly, however, teachers don’t give out answers with social studies homework; for fear that students will cheat. For those of you who need help, and then, here is a list of places to check for reliable answers to social studies problems.

Teacher’s edition books

If your homework problems have come out of a book, the chances are extremely high that there is a teacher’s edition of the same book, full of the correct answers. You can find these at most bookstores, but also at libraries, where they can be used and borrowed for free (although you’ll need a library card!). Just make sure that somewhere the book says ‘Teacher’s Ed(ition)’, and you’ll have all you need right there!


Google has all the answers! For those of you who cannot get to a library and cannot afford to buy all the books just to check their exercises (and, let’s face it, that’s most students!), there’s always the internet. Firstly, you can search Google for a pdf of the teacher’s edition (if there is one) by entering into the details of the book (title, author etc.) and then following it with ‘pdf’. So many academic books have been put online, either as official pdfs or as scans that other students have done because textbooks cost too much to buy new each time. If you don’t want to spend any money and you know what book (if any) you are working from, Google is your first port of call!


For those of you who are either not doing homework exercises from a specific book or who cannot find their equivalent teacher’s edition online, there’s always the option of going straight to other students. Forums are very popular online, and they cover all sorts of different subjects, including social studies. There are even specific ones for social studies homework! By asking people on here for answers, either that they have received from the teacher or that they have worked out, you can find out a lot more than Google can offer you. Just make extra sure that the answers have been checked by either the student or the teacher to make sure they’re reliable!


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